Wednesday, October 21, 2009

100 years of scouting

2010 will be the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scout program. Being an Eagle scout myself, I jump right in to help with this. Don't have a whole lot of detail's yet, but there will be alot of new caches, and hopefully some CITO event's and some regular event's wrapped up in this. I'll be working with a coule of cachers and the Hawkeye Area Council and keep the hides, in the area's that the HAC have to use.

I've been sending out a lot of email's getting permission to place hides in 7 counties. I've cleared them with almost all of them. The neat part is the ranger's are very excited about them as well. PJ and i will have our work cut out for us making alot of the hides. Also we are combing area's looking for Eagle Scout project's, and hope to include a lot of those into the cache hides.

The bad part is the cost of the ammo can has went up everywhere. They used to be 5 for a 30 cal, and now are 7.25 for a 30 cal. I've been able to raise some fund's to help pay for some of the ammo can's, but still going to have to buy them a few at a time.

Plus we will be putting on some actives at Scout camp. That will be lot's of fun. Just now waiting for a meeting happening soon, to hammer out the detail's.

Well back to combing the internet looking for deal's on 30 cal ammo can's.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

After all this time...

Well it's been a very long time, especially for me as they finally figured out what's going on with my sleep. It's a sleeping disorder called Circadian Sleep disorder, combined with severe Insomnia with poor sleep quality and some sleep restriction. After 4 year's of this stuff, what has happened is my body get used to the med's they keep prescribing and they seem to work for a few week's to a month.

What happens is my body get's use to each one faster and faster and now I'm to the point my body is finally rejecting the med's, which is why my white blood cell count has been higher than normal. It's the body's way of fighting what has finally become toxic to me off.

I kind of wondered how a sleep study could be given while I was on a bunch of different med's. So I've got to keep a sleep diary so we can find out my body's normal sleep/wake cycle. The great part (not really) is I've been on a sleep med for the past four year's and I'm having heavy withdrawal as I'm tapering off the them.

I guess this whole thing is treatable and I go in a week and a half to start a cognitive therapy that they will find out why my brain doesn't slow down at night and keep's going full speed. Basically what he said is I don't know how to relax.

So now the battle is getting me off all medication then we can see with the sleeping journal what my body's sleep/wake cycle is. We may find out my body has a 30 hour day cycle instead of a 24 hour one. But they can't tell until all the med's are gone.


Friday, October 9, 2009


There may be some foul word's in this link. Just makes me sad. 20 year's of great tunes came to an end. I got to see them play 3 times live though. Hopefully Trent will still record. This song is really cool on disc. I wish Trent would be doing the vocal's on this. And not this dude he's got singing. This is one song I wish I could have heard live.