Sunday, March 14, 2010

A insane fundraser

I've been toying around with some ideas for a fundraiser to try and help our local caching club gain funds to buy swag type item's with their logo on it. Just to get those things the money has to come upfront, when the item's get sold then the money is recouped. So it's had to say hey let's get 100 logo pins and sell them. yes they will sell, but over a period of time and I don't thing the budget is there to do such things.

So sitting around thinking of what we could do that would kind of be "extreme", I was thinking about this place in Wisconsin. My thought was to advertise this as will he chicken out or go threw with it, and have people offer what they would like to contribute weather it be a dollar, or 50 dollar's.

Since this would be taken place in Wisconsin, I think it would be fair to offer the same to their state caching group as well.

So something like this. There is a cost up front. Hopefully enough money would be raise (if I don't chicken out) that will pay for the cost of the "stunts", Then the proceeds's would then be split evenly between Wisconsin and Iowa's, caching groups.

Maybe even set it up as an event, so people can come try to strick fear into me. lol And get together for the usual cache talk and fellowship. But for those who can't make it, and as proof, take my digital camcorder and video tape it all, then upload it to a site like you-tube or viemo, so those that could make it can see.

The "extreme" part is this:

That as one part of it. Then:

and then if I'm still walking or haven tried to run away:

Well, I can't find a video for it, but it's "The ejection seat".

So my question would be would people be interested in this and again the money would first pay for the taskes, then what's left would get split evenly between Wisconsin and Iowa's caching club website's.

Make a day of it, an event you can come and try to haggle me and make me even more nervous. And if I do chicken out on the tasks, I'll pay the cost of what the task's cost, so if you can get in my head and scare me off, that would leave even more money for the two caching clubs.

So far this is just an idea and this is the first I've talked about it. Let me know what you think and if I should look more into this. So please get the word out, as I' interested if my fellow cacher would like to "knock me off" or not. lol

Tape worm

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's been awhile

Well, 'm almost hesitant to even post this but I know a lot of the family follows this. What I though was just a sleeping pill they had pescribed, was really an anti-depressant/tranquilizer. Which I know now you are only to be on them for a short amount of time, which I was on that one for around 5 years. So trying to get off of it, has been a scary process.

Last week my mom had to rush me to the E.R. in the middle of the day cause I had been having an annexity attack for almost 48 hours, but it turn out it was withdrawl. I couldn't breath, The only part of my body I could feel was my face. I tried to lay down in the hospital bed, but it just felt like if I laid down, I wouldn't get back up. They did get me an ice pack which seems to help a bit. My blood pressure was threw the roof, and my blood pressure has always been normal.

I was able to finally clam down and quit shaking, but the next late afternoon another one started in. Bad part was my parents where leaving for a cruse in the morning. But I had to go back to the E.R. and do a little fibbing so they would admit me. I had had about 5 hours of sleep the whole week, and I really think that was what brought it on, plus another situation going on, that I really didn't need at the time.

Thankfully the doctor was moving so I got a new one, which we where going to switch anyways cause i didn't care for her. This new one flat out told me I'm not an addict. It was given to me with good intentions just they didn't pull me off of it when they should have and they should have never had me on such a high dose.

I've been getting out and doing a little caching and making some hides. I took our dog Rusty to check on one of my caches the other night.

But they are taking a much more aggressive approach on taking me off this med, which sucks, and I can't wait till it's over.

But that's what I've been up to for the past few weeks.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Now this was just crazy. I've got a cache hid on a very small island out 20 feet away from the shore. It's about a mile walk one way to get there. Yeah I had put it out in the winter and used the frozen ice as an advantage to get there, which I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. But these photo's I think speak for themselves. I wish I was there to see this, just crazy.

He's using a fallen tree as a "bridge" to get out to the island as seen above.

Here he is trying to dig the ammo can out of the ice.

Here he is standing on top of the ammo can.

I saw these and thought wow now that's diehard. I'd take the tubing option during the summer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something's are impossible

There's a CITO event from last year's earth day still active. After many many SBA's on it from me and other people, it's still there. So tonight I got a great message from a cacher that feel's you only have the right to put such thing's down if you have a hide/find count. Since I don't really care about my count's, but did add them up for a response. I don't understand why a individual thinks that you have to have a high find/hide count to have a voice in Geocaching. Especially when that person can't fix or maintain their own hides, and gob's of DNF's are on it, then it get's disabled for 6 month's, then when you ask about if it's going to get fixed or not, you get your log deleted.

Oh well, most of those caches I wouldn't take the time to look for, and if I did I won't spend the time to log them. They just go on my ignore list with the date I found them.

Well, off to keep painting some container's and forget about it. It was nice while it lasted not having to hear anything from this cacher. Since I was accused of tampering with vote's by him and he had to send out mass e-mail's but didn't bother sending one to me. Sometime's volunteering to do think's for masses does have it's draw-back's, when their are jerk's like this out there. They don't even stop to think about what you have given up doing so you have time to do what you volunteered for. :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Scouting Caches

Well, it's going pretty good so far. This is quite a neat scouting project participating in the 100th year Anniversary. I'm a little behind where I wanted to be at this point but it's going well. The cold and the snow has made it a bit tricky.

I had a log today saying how one of the caches wasn't winter friendly at all. Which I didn't put that attribute on it. But I didn't think it was that back. I made the mile round trip hike in the dark, and didn't think it was too bad, other than the trip back was mostly up hill.

So far I've made the hide's themselves pretty easy to find and nothing tricky. Some of them are quite a hike, but sound's by the log's people have enjoyed them.

I goofed the other night thought when I was out hiding a cache and I think my cord's are 40 to 50 feet off. Thankfully the hunter was able to find it. It's on my list to get fixed this week. I did kind of have a funny feeling when I was taking reading's on that one, as my batteries in my GPS where running low, and I had all my spare's at home charging. There's that scout motto "Be Prepared".

I've been able to get permission for all seven counties that the Hawkeye Area Council is involved with. Some require permit's, some don't. Jones county where I live I have to meet with the ranger before I can hide anything due to a cacher not taking care of his hides. Kind of sad how one person can ruin it for the batch, but by the sound's of it all, I think the caching relationship can be repaired.

Just figured I'd post an update. I do have some surprizes around the corner and some challenge caches as well.

Hope you guy's enjoy them,

Parabola/Tape worm

Yes for those that haven't figured it out my new handle on is Tape worm.

Also if you are able to please consider using the donate link for the scouting. The money will go to help pay for all the ammo can's I was able to get, SWAG to fill the can's, and gas to get out and place those hides.

Safe Caching!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hawkeye Area Council 100th Anniversity

I ment to post this at the start of the year and forgot, but figured better late than never. This is about the Boy Scout's 100th Anniversary, and we are teaching them and their leader's about geocaching, and teaching cacher's a little about scouting. But the goal is to get out in the wood's and get some new cacher's out there. So here's my "old post":

Well, here’s my first official announcement of thing’s to come in 2010 as we help celebrate the Boy Scout’s 100th year anniversary.

We have some very exciting plan’s, and thing’s we will be doing threw the year so I want to make a spot for any one to view, get involved, want’s to see what’s going on with the geocaching side of thing’s.

So far we have released a Kick off/caching 101 event. We will be using multiple website’s like and and and for the listing of caches, event’s, activities, and all sort’s of fun thing’s to do that will help support caching and teaching the scout’s more about it, and hopefully get some of them and their parent’s to get in and join the hobby.

First off we are working with the Hawkeye Area Council, and other council’s may have some caching program’s as well.

I’m already set up the Kickoff event, that will be at Kent Park in the CEC building on Jan. 9th, 2010. Which can be found on the geocaching website. I’ll get some link’s posted soon.

There is going to be 5 special “treasure’s of scouting” caches placed, where you can get a card from the cache and mail it in or drop it off at the scouting office to be entered in a monthly drawing for a very limited special geo-coin.

Also there will be 12 special “cache to eagle” caches that will have one of the scout law’s written in the lid’s of the container’s. Once you find all of them, you can e-mail me which law is written in each hide, and the first 20 cacher’s to do so will receive a special commemorative patch.

Also there will be a large number of new cache hides in the counties that the Hawkeye Area Council cover’s. These will be released at certain time’s threw the year. The other cache’s I hope to release on Jan. 1st 2010.

So come on and join in the fun as I’m sure I’ll have some side games that come along as we move forward.

If you have any question’s or comment’s, or idea’s, or wish to help out, please feel free to e-mail me and you are welcome to post comment’s on to this blog as well.

Thanks and safe caching everybody,

Tape worm

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The H.A.C. Kick off and 101 Caching Event.

Just wanted to point out the kick-off event for the Hawkeye area council is listed and going to happen on Jan. 9th 2010. It will be from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Some temp's will be put out but are not loggable, and a new cache will be in place that is loggable, plus there's some really great hides already in Kent Park. If you haven't done them, you should put them on your to-do list.

If you can make it we would love you to come and join us. We will be doing a potluck lunch as well.

Here's a link to the listing on

Hope to see ya there!!!!