Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hawkeye Area Council 100th Anniversity

I ment to post this at the start of the year and forgot, but figured better late than never. This is about the Boy Scout's 100th Anniversary, and we are teaching them and their leader's about geocaching, and teaching cacher's a little about scouting. But the goal is to get out in the wood's and get some new cacher's out there. So here's my "old post":

Well, here’s my first official announcement of thing’s to come in 2010 as we help celebrate the Boy Scout’s 100th year anniversary.

We have some very exciting plan’s, and thing’s we will be doing threw the year so I want to make a spot for any one to view, get involved, want’s to see what’s going on with the geocaching side of thing’s.

So far we have released a Kick off/caching 101 event. We will be using multiple website’s like and and and for the listing of caches, event’s, activities, and all sort’s of fun thing’s to do that will help support caching and teaching the scout’s more about it, and hopefully get some of them and their parent’s to get in and join the hobby.

First off we are working with the Hawkeye Area Council, and other council’s may have some caching program’s as well.

I’m already set up the Kickoff event, that will be at Kent Park in the CEC building on Jan. 9th, 2010. Which can be found on the geocaching website. I’ll get some link’s posted soon.

There is going to be 5 special “treasure’s of scouting” caches placed, where you can get a card from the cache and mail it in or drop it off at the scouting office to be entered in a monthly drawing for a very limited special geo-coin.

Also there will be 12 special “cache to eagle” caches that will have one of the scout law’s written in the lid’s of the container’s. Once you find all of them, you can e-mail me which law is written in each hide, and the first 20 cacher’s to do so will receive a special commemorative patch.

Also there will be a large number of new cache hides in the counties that the Hawkeye Area Council cover’s. These will be released at certain time’s threw the year. The other cache’s I hope to release on Jan. 1st 2010.

So come on and join in the fun as I’m sure I’ll have some side games that come along as we move forward.

If you have any question’s or comment’s, or idea’s, or wish to help out, please feel free to e-mail me and you are welcome to post comment’s on to this blog as well.

Thanks and safe caching everybody,

Tape worm

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