Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Now this was just crazy. I've got a cache hid on a very small island out 20 feet away from the shore. It's about a mile walk one way to get there. Yeah I had put it out in the winter and used the frozen ice as an advantage to get there, which I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. But these photo's I think speak for themselves. I wish I was there to see this, just crazy.

He's using a fallen tree as a "bridge" to get out to the island as seen above.

Here he is trying to dig the ammo can out of the ice.

Here he is standing on top of the ammo can.

I saw these and thought wow now that's diehard. I'd take the tubing option during the summer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something's are impossible

There's a CITO event from last year's earth day still active. After many many SBA's on it from me and other people, it's still there. So tonight I got a great message from a cacher that feel's you only have the right to put such thing's down if you have a hide/find count. Since I don't really care about my count's, but did add them up for a response. I don't understand why a individual thinks that you have to have a high find/hide count to have a voice in Geocaching. Especially when that person can't fix or maintain their own hides, and gob's of DNF's are on it, then it get's disabled for 6 month's, then when you ask about if it's going to get fixed or not, you get your log deleted.

Oh well, most of those caches I wouldn't take the time to look for, and if I did I won't spend the time to log them. They just go on my ignore list with the date I found them.

Well, off to keep painting some container's and forget about it. It was nice while it lasted not having to hear anything from this cacher. Since I was accused of tampering with vote's by him and he had to send out mass e-mail's but didn't bother sending one to me. Sometime's volunteering to do think's for masses does have it's draw-back's, when their are jerk's like this out there. They don't even stop to think about what you have given up doing so you have time to do what you volunteered for. :(