Monday, January 25, 2010

Scouting Caches

Well, it's going pretty good so far. This is quite a neat scouting project participating in the 100th year Anniversary. I'm a little behind where I wanted to be at this point but it's going well. The cold and the snow has made it a bit tricky.

I had a log today saying how one of the caches wasn't winter friendly at all. Which I didn't put that attribute on it. But I didn't think it was that back. I made the mile round trip hike in the dark, and didn't think it was too bad, other than the trip back was mostly up hill.

So far I've made the hide's themselves pretty easy to find and nothing tricky. Some of them are quite a hike, but sound's by the log's people have enjoyed them.

I goofed the other night thought when I was out hiding a cache and I think my cord's are 40 to 50 feet off. Thankfully the hunter was able to find it. It's on my list to get fixed this week. I did kind of have a funny feeling when I was taking reading's on that one, as my batteries in my GPS where running low, and I had all my spare's at home charging. There's that scout motto "Be Prepared".

I've been able to get permission for all seven counties that the Hawkeye Area Council is involved with. Some require permit's, some don't. Jones county where I live I have to meet with the ranger before I can hide anything due to a cacher not taking care of his hides. Kind of sad how one person can ruin it for the batch, but by the sound's of it all, I think the caching relationship can be repaired.

Just figured I'd post an update. I do have some surprizes around the corner and some challenge caches as well.

Hope you guy's enjoy them,

Parabola/Tape worm

Yes for those that haven't figured it out my new handle on is Tape worm.

Also if you are able to please consider using the donate link for the scouting. The money will go to help pay for all the ammo can's I was able to get, SWAG to fill the can's, and gas to get out and place those hides.

Safe Caching!!!

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