Sunday, November 30, 2008

Searryl's Cave Cache

I've been looking around for a memorable cache to land my 2000th GC find on. This one I've looked at before and never knew just why I hadn't gone after it yet. Well, I thought this looked like a fun one to make my 2000th find. Searryl's cave cache was quite a fun cache. The parking cords are listed on the cache page and it's a good thing. This little preserve in Iowa is well hidden away back behind a corn field. When you pull up there nothing more than a gate with a sign on it saying it's a preserve.

At first you start walking along a trail that goes threw a corn field. As I walked along I spotted a group of about 8 large turkey's. I tried to get a good picture of them but as I got closer they started running off so I took a few photo's. When I got close to the cache I started wondering around a bit. I stumbled upon a benchmark survey disc. This was kind of neat so I took some picture's of it and marked the cords. Then I started looking around for the cache. This cache had been nearly a year since it was last found and I was surprised to see it was by two people in the past couple of days.

Once there the cave was still about 600 feet away. I should of paid more attention to the trail but I never stick to those anyways. So I started following the fence line till I was getting further away. I noticed that no getting to the cave was going to be quite a trick. Since it was snow out and the ground wasn't froze yet it was very slippery out. So walking around the bluffs really took some careful walking. But I was able to get around and work my way back up to the cave.

The cave is closed this time of year to protect the bat's hibernating this time of year. But I was able to get up to the cave opening. I took some picture's of the cave and some of the view's of the area. It was really neat with the snow coming down. You could really hear the nearby stream water flowing. After check out the cave I found the easy way out. I took the trail all the way back.

This was quite a fun hike out today. I wish I could have explored the cave but really didn't want to come face to face with a bunch of bat's. This is one I'm all ready planning on taking the boy back to after the cave is open to the public again after April 1st. And it was find number 2000. This was a really neat place tucked away in behind some corn fields. I also found another benchmark survey disc near the parking area. Both of the one's I found today don't show up on I'm not all that familiar with how those work but I thought it was pretty neat to stumble upon them.

Anyone who hasn't done this cache I highly recommend doing it and don't short change yourself and take the little further walk down to the cave. It's really neat to see.

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tonka_boy said...

Caught your comment about blogs on Groundspeak. I really like your posts here. Caving was my hobby a few years back, and really enjoyed reading about this cache.

I subscribed to your feed and look forward to reading future posts.