Sunday, January 25, 2009

I found something weird

I was out looking for a two stage multi. cache and was stuck on the first stage. I looked all over the place and couldn't find it. It was in a city park and well after dark the time I was there. The cord's took me to a wooded area of the park and landed me at the base of a fallen tree. With the snow on the ground, how cold it was out, and I only had my little maglite with me, I still was combing the area.

I looked up the hint after about a half an hour and it kind of help, I think. Still a bit unsure of what it had meant, I kept looking and expanded my search a little. About 12 feet from where I zeroed out, I notice this lid poking out of the ground. I wondered but didn't think that was it. I then spend the next ten minutes or so trying to open the lid and not break it.

The way it was buried right in the middle of a group of three trees, just made it kind of odd that it would be there. By now I think I had given up on the cache search and wonder more about what was this container and, how did it get there and if there was anything inside.

I kept up on it and finally was able to break the ice free enough to unscrew the container. What I found was it was empty. I'm since talked to the owner's of the cache and this little container isn't part of the cache and should have kept looking where I was to start with. But for some reason after I found that container in the ground I really wanted to know what it was and how it got there. I did tell the cache owner's about it, just in case it turns out to be some sort of drop spot for someone or something.

I guess I'll never really know where it came from or why it's there, just the way it was place someone had to place it there as it was buried and just the lid was exposed. Just one of the odd thing's I've ran into while out and about. I haven't made it back to the spot to try and avenge my DNF yet, but hope to soon. It was in a nice park and I would like to see the park during the daylight hours.

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