Friday, April 3, 2009

Gunslinger Wherigo - MOGA 2009

While at Moga, I had already ran a pocket query and didn't realize it, till talking with some cacher's at the BYO--Bodacious Bash Before the Bash is Back (2009) GC1MGG0 and I heard that a wherigo cache was published. I got pretty excited about that. I have had the stuff to do a wherigo and had been waiting for one that was near I could get to. I was over in Des Moines and there is one there but I ran out of time and wasn't able to go after it.

It was called Gunslinger Wherigo - Moga 2009 (GC1P343) by Fried Okra. I didn't quite know what to expect. So when I got back to my hotel room, I fired up the laptop and quickly found it and downloaded the cartridge to put in my GPSr. That was when I realized I left my USB cable at home. Now you'd think I would of had that of all thing's. It was a mad rush to leave the house in the morning and I had forgotten I was playing around with my mapping software and had left out the detail map of Missouri. I already had my laptop packed up, so had just grabbed the cable form my bag and loaded the map's using the desktop. In my hurry to get out of the house, I left the cable plugged into the desktop.

So here I was in the middle of nothing much but bait shop's looking for a cable so I could load up the cartridge to do the cache. Thinking about it now I should have made a couple of phone call's to see if I could barrow one from someone, but I ran out and found a gamestop of all places that was still open. Mind you this is about 40 miles from where I was staying. But I got one.

I loaded up the cartridge and had held off on it till the most of the MOGA crowd was gone. I really didn't want to "just follow the herd of people", I wanted to do it without basically following people. I did offer to any of the IGO member's if they needed the equipment to let me know and I'd be happy to help them out with it.

Well getting on to the "game". It started off as you would go to the cord's and activate the cartridge. Well, I was a little over a tenth of a mile away at the posted cord's from the starting position of the game. So off I went and following the arrow. Which while I was on route to that starting point, I kind of wander in the wood's a bit and spotted a ammo can. Turn's out it was one of the kid's caches, that MOGA put's out for the little one's. But I finally got to the starting point. Then a picture of an old western type of Bank popped up on my screen and a story line begin. A group of outlaw's where robbing the safe from the bank. And the mission was to locate and shoot the outlaw's. But you had to do some quick shooting or they would run off to a hideout. I never did have to go and hunt down any of the out law's in a hide out. But at that point you where directed to go to check out a noise in the salon. That took you down a cement path and land you out side of one of the bunk house's at the park. Then all of a sudden a photo of an outlaw, or an innocent bystander would pop up with a selection of Shoot or don't shoot. And the order of the selection was always changing, so you had to be quick but still pay attention to what you where selecting.

Then after taking out the outlaw you would get a description of that outlaw and kind of ranked how bad of a person they where. The bystander's picture's would show up and all of the bystander's where photo's of fellow cacher's. You always' got a thanks for not shooting my friend or me, or even the CO's girlfriend. He said he really want to keep her around. lol But as this went on it too you to the stable's, and other western type building's. All of which where right out side the bunk houses and even in front of MOGA HQ. I think there was about 7 outlaw's to take out, if I remember right.

After this went on for about 20 minutes or so. You got a congratulation's, but still needed to recover the safe that was taken from the bank. Which took you off down a trail into the woods a bit. The safe was an ammo can. One you got there, There was a bell inside to ring to signal an all clear. They had a really neat paint job of a western gunslinger painted on the side of the can and the cache name painted on the top. All hand painted.

I thought the cacher that made the game did a great job on it. It was a lot of fun. And now I've got more idea's of what can be done with this, in hope's to make one. I was thinking of a ghost theme, since Anamosa is known for having a few ghost story's. I've been trying to dig up the info for all the old tail's. But this really showed me what can be done with it. Sure I'll have to get some help with the programing for it, but I think a fellow cacher is willing to help out with that.

All in all, I think this was one of the big highlight's for me at MOGA 2009. It was a unique cache hunt and I think the owner did a lot of work to make it happen. It was very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing some more put out and be made to this sort of level. It wasn't hard at all but just the story line and the action's that took place was really fun. It really makes me what to just take a day and drive over to Des Moines to play the one there. I did notice in the log's of it, someone took a two hour detour on their way home to hit the one in Des Moines cause they had so much fun with it. Again, I'm really looking forward and hoping to see some more of these come out near me. I really enjoyed it. Plus I got the new icon. Sorry but I'm an icon junkie. Too bad there's one there's no way I can ever get, and another one is a long shot, but I'm hoping that cache will stay around for a while, and if I ever get to that side of the country.

If anyone in my area, need's a GPSr, and we get one or two of these locally, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to meet you there sometime.

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