Friday, July 24, 2009

A new TOOL CD coming???

Ok, I'm excited. I know three show's have been played so far, and in the final rehearsal they did preform the "new cover". Which mean's, new song. They have done just about every album like this. They do a small tour of a dozen or twenty show's, and preform just a few of the new song's live. Then comes the big announcement, and it's been said they had been in the studio and one a few of them have been out at Area 51 shooting more footage.

That may sound really weird unless you've heard and understand the song, but the lighting director wanted more footage to play with from area 51 for the effect's while they play "Rosetta Stoned".

I still don't know what Maynard was using to distort, and almost repeat his voice very fast and I was about three row's out. But it was some bag looking deal with a cheap looking mic attached and he was holding it in front of his main mic.

I'm excited and hoping some of these shows will hit near the Iowa area, really I think it's about time for another show in Moline and one in Cedar Rapid's.

Also if you've seen the show from the last tour from what the posted picture is from this I'd have to say is one of the top two in special effect's. NIN being very close and to me to close to call. After all I was SOBER at the show's. Wonder if anybody will catch that reference.


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