Saturday, August 1, 2009

RockStock 3

Just some random picture's of who's playing tonight at Hitter's Ball Park. I don't have time to properly flip the R around at the moment but I'll do a little updating later.. The show start's in a few hour's. Also playing is Halestorm, Chevelle, possibly Destrophy (a local band that is on it's way up) and KoRN.

Not sure yet on photo rules for the venue, but I've been burnt on that the past couple of concert's, so I'm taking my camera. If I can't have it there, well I guess it will hit the garbage. And cause I just love saying thing's that are song titles. Well, "more to come".......

So of these picture are old. They are down to three band member's but had recently hired on a full time drummer to replace Dave. Head has left due to his meth addiction and has "found Jesus". But is clean now, and doing his own thing. More power to him, he's a heck of a guitarist. He put out his first solo album but is not longer in KoRn. And Dave, well it's never been said what happen to him, he kind of just disappeared, but does have some restaurant's he owns.


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