Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The thing's you find out caching.

The whole family went out this past weekend to grab a few caches but we where going way north up to Balltown to see the "Million Dollar View". We had a pretty cool trip going up and back. And we worked it just right so we hit the view at sunset. You can't beat that here in Iowa. Also I didn't know the oldest bar and grill in Iowa was right next to the viewing area. Which I guess it had a fire last year and we found out it had just reopened.

I kind of picked a few caches on a kind of weird route I picked out and somewhat did it on the fly. There's a puzzle cache that I had an idea since I can't figure out the puzzle, that since I was up in the area I would try, and my hunch was wrong. But while walking around scoping out the area, I noticed something that kind of looked like a leg in the tall weed's right at the edge of the tree line. I got a little closer and it kind of looked like someone had stashed their camping stuff or someone had tried to hide some dark green clothes. As I got closer it started looking more and more like it was kind of in the shape of a body. Since we where in the middle of nowhere I was wondering, glad the rest of the family stayed in the car. As I got close to the tree this was leaning against, I saw a hat as well. So for a second, I was wondering what I had found.

As it turn's out I found a dummy body for a search and rescue group, that was out practicing. There was a nice note attached to it that explained it all. Which was pretty neat to find. Never did find the cache, as it was a long shot on what I was trying to do, but I thought it did make for an interesting story.

The picture's I took where after I had stomped down the tall grass, and had moved the dummy so I could read the note. Plus I was coming at it from the other direction, to give more of an idea what it looked like.

I just thought this was one of those thing's that won't happen again and a case of being in the right spot and the right time. I sure was glad it was just a dummy though.


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