Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ready to roll

I'm heading down in the morning to take a ride along the Rock Island Trail near Peoria, Il. Yes, it's a power trail. I've done a great multi cache on the trail before with some friend's, which sadly is now archived.

The trail is 26 miles long, one way. For someone that hasn't been on a bike in about a year this is really kinda dumb, but go all out or stay at home. (evil laugh).

I've done the check's on the bike, and it's in great shape to go. I got three water bottles, frozen in the freezer's, and my camelpak is full and in a cooling spot. I need to pick up a few pack's of peanut's, and a few other treat's for some food to munch on.

I've also got some terra-caches to do in the area, so this is going to be a long day. Just going to dread all the log's I'll have to write, but none of them will be copy and paste one's.

Wish me luck, if you have my # feel free to call me to tease me or see if I'm still peddling away.


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