Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's out and officially announced now. The Cache to Eagle program, the pillar's of scouting, the Pinewoodderby TB race. Eache councial will be putting together a different program. This is set up as a partnership between and the Boy Scout's. Since we have similar values, and all enjoy the outdoor's the two do kind of go hand in hand.

So far we have a general plan for the Hawkeye Area Council and set up a pretty bang up program for 2010. This venture is to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of scouting.

As an Eagle scout myself, I learn a lot that I sit use today while out in the wood's looking for geocaches. But be ready Jan. 1st for the program to began, and other thing's may be added on as we go threw the year. I'm sure hoping the program we set up for the Hawkeye Area Council will blow other council's away.

You can contact me if you wish to help in this venture at all. We will be teaching GPS skill's as well as the ability to use a compass properly and some orienteering. All why we are doing one of the actives we love most, geocaching.

I'm also setting up a donation link to my paypal account. As I've been getting thing's for this, it's getting kind of expensive for just one person to handle and your donation would be put to use in the form of container's, logbook's, Swag, paint for the container's. Just make sure you use the donation link for this and not the one to help me finish this tattoo. Unless you want to donate to that as well. :)

Be safe out there and if you have time check out the Geoscouting website for more information.

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