Friday, November 27, 2009

Sleeping update

I've had a ton of e-mail's regarding my sleeping disorder's. Which thank you everybody!!! So I figured I'd post an update regarding it.

I've got a total of four doctor's that i'm working with. That sure does get confusing with the insurance company when thye want to know something, trying to refer them to the right doctor is kind of hard. They did figured out I have a mix of two sleeping disorder's, but not the one's they had though I had. So the original plan was completely throw out the window, which would have been a much easier and faster "fix". But that's mixed in with a annexity/depression problem, and all of them are feeding off each other.

I had put this stuff off for four year's due to being busy, didn't have time to make it in to the doctor, which made it progress to the level it got too. I had just been dealing with it and was trying to kept moving on with daily thing's.

The last doctor I finally met with for the first time last wednesday. Which was kind of interesting to say the least. She just shook her head at alot of the medication's they had tried, and the fact that one of them I've been on for over two year's, but it's been the one thing I could count on to supress a Panic attack. But she's said, if I was to go off of it at the moment, I would even up in the hospitial witht he possible of some very bad thing's happening. But we have to make a plan on how to get off of it, but she said not until we find something that can keep panic attacks from happening. But as of right now I am physically dependent on it. So yet another thing tossed in the mix to deal with.

I am getting to go back to work next week, and have been working hard on reseting me internal clock to a 24 hour clock, and not from about the 64 hour clock that had happened because it was delt with sooner. The past month, has been hard do to I had to set a wake up time. No matter what, if I haven't slept I have to get up at that time, and it's everyday, and no sleeping in on the weekend's. I had figured out my day's and night's are reversed, so get those back to normal hasn't been fun and still isn't right yet, But getting back to work and getting back on a normal "life" schedule will help, but the first couple of week's will be ruff. And scaling back on all sleeping medication's. They work for a certain amount of time, but are not ment to be a perminate thing. ANd after so long your body will fight those as it will see them as toxic and will rasie your white blood count like you have an infection your body is trying to fight off.

I've been trying to take walk's, ride my bike, go for a hike out in one of the park's as exercise to try and help make me physicaly tired, but also have been told, exercise in the evening nearing bed time isn't a good thing, due to it can cause adrenaline to start, and keeping you awake, so there's a fine line not to cross in the later evening's. Defining that line, well I haven't figured it out yet.

Another thing is I was/am a clock watcher, meaning at night when i couldn't sleep I would keep looking at the time on the alarm clock. This only makes you frustrated, and get's you start thinking, ok I can't sleep, I'm going to be so tired tomorrow, and making your brain "thinking" alot more than when you should be relaxed.

So far I haven't been able to get a solid sleeping schedual, but it seem's the quality of sleep I do get has improved. Which working on a getting back to a normal schedule will help and speed this up.

As far as a set bedtime, is good, but as I was told if in the evening if I've very tired, go ahead and go to sleep, just as long as it's not a nap in the middle of the day. As your body is trying to make up for that lack of sleep.

I think the worst was going 4 day's and night without sleep or just a few hour's, and then by the time the weekend rolled around, I would crash for two day's and there was no getting me up. Sadly I've missed a ton of family activies, alot of my son's sport's stuff.

But there's kind of an update, and I guess the best thing is now we know what's going on, and have a plan we have been working on for the past month in treating it, but it wasn't until I could get into all the doctor's to get everything I needed. Which that was the bad part, every big test, and every new doctor I wouldn't know about till I met with one doctor, and then trying to make an appointment, we found I couldn't get in for a month or six week's. So it just drug out the time-line this has been going on.

Have a happy holiday's everyone!!!

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