Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Been kind of busy lately with work. I'm got this idea in my head and trying to put in all on paper to work it out. I am working on my next geocaching creation that hopefully will all work out. This is involving a lot of photoshopping, some media files, a lot of research on video editing. I've got some area's picked out for placement's of the cache's and have letter's in to landmanager's and waiting for the season's to turn to get out and shoot some cord's.

Since this is a big project and has quite a number of hides, involved I quickly saw I was getting in over my head. I shot some idea's by a friend of mine, and he's given me some hope that I can complete this "idea". I first came up with this whole concept about two year's ago and last summer since I was out of town so much I didn't have a lot of time to work on it, so it fell down on the to do list. But after the past few day's playing around tweaking some photo's, I think I'm ready to move forward with this concept.

In all this will be a series of 16 caches, with the first 15 needed to be found to start on the last one. As far as the hides go, the first 15 have been thought out pretty well, and hope to get into some area's where currently there are no cache hides, and a couple of the area's only have one or two. The 16th or final one will be a ruff one. A special container is in the work's for the final of it.

I think it's going to take most of the spring and some of summer to get everything placed, and make the final edits of some of the background's and jpeg's. I'm hoping that this little project will end up as I visualize it and give the hunter's of it, a feeling of accomplishment when they finish it, a wow I'm glad I visited the area's. I know we all look for something different in a hide, and hunt, so hopefully this will appeal to the masses but I have to wonder if it will be hunted by many or not.

I'm not sure but all the work I've been putting in to these, I am thinking these will be the last that I place. That's not certain by any means just if everything work's out the way I intend there's no way I will ever be able to top this. But then again I may scrap the whole concept and just keep it simple, only time will tell and if I can keep my paintance, and can see past the frustration's of this. The other cacher is doing wonder's at helping me past what I am missing and seeing loophole's that I am missing or I see that are there but can't figure out how to close them.

I guess I'm just posting this blog entry as a reminder for myself of the state I'm in near the beginning of moving forward with this project. It will be interesting how this evolves from now till it's ready for publication, which is also another headache. I have to work around anything that would be published between now and the end of this, which isn't a bad thing, but it can be frustrating. There's one spot I need to "protect" (for lack of anything better to call it). That's the start of the final and since this whole concept rely's on that one spot, while it's been picked, I'm not sure how this can be re tweaked if someone would place a hide to close to that one spot. Sure it's an out of the way spot, but it's possible.
Then it's the whole idea of keeping it family friendly. Like I don't see a problem in the posted picture in this entry for example, but I wonder if it's ok. That's one of those thing's, I don't see a problem with but someone else might have a different view on that. I don't know if someone could take offense to the jpeg. I don't see a problem with it and can't forsee someone having a problem, but since it's a photo, I have to wonder if it walk's that fine line. Everyone view's thing's just a little differently which is the neat thing about various art form's. And yes so far there is one and possibly a second video that will be posted to a video hosting site for this little project of mine. Which seeking permission to download and edit these have been a nightmare. You try telling "the man" that no profit will be made out of this whole idea, and trying to explain what I'm trying to create hasn't been fun. So far I've been able to get permission to grab the video I did and got permission to edit it. Then one has to wonder if I just wasted my time trying to get permission. I guess it's always better to cover your butt before hand anyway's.

Then again this all just could be rambling by me after a long couple of hour's working on it tonight with a very late night last night with about 4 hours working on it. Needless to say this will be a heck of a learning experience for me, and again interesting if I can pull it off...

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