Friday, February 27, 2009

The line begins to blur

Well, I've been working out of town for the past week in Pella. I got time to start to hunt this pretty neat multi cache. I still have about 4 part's to go for it, but was pretty impressed on the way the owner presented it and the work he put into it. I only found one cache for the week, but with work, trying to work on the multi cache and my project, it really didn't give me alot of free time.

I've been tweaking photo's right and left here, stripping them down to the base to use as back grounds. This had led to some very late night's. I've got 4 complete ready to insert the cache info. I've come along way with photoshop and am getting the hang of it.

My next step is to alter some video footage, which I can do fairly quickly. I've been bouncing around some idea's on how I can deliver the video's to the cache seeker's. And I think I have figured out a nice twist to how this will all play out. The video will be a important part of this series. It's all still yet to be determined just how much. I need to sit down and work out all the kink's in the puzzles and what not.

This has been quite a large project and at the moment am feeling overwhelmed by it. Again this has led to some very late nice in front of the puter and linking up a total of 3 computer's cause I haven't been very good about keeping everything I need all on one. I'll be out shooting cord's and working on the camo for container's very soon as well, then I think everything will start falling into place. I think my attitude will turn as soon as I'm working on that part of it.

While I was in Pella, which is a neat little town. The building's in the downtown area have all sort's of neat little thing's, if you step back and really look around for them. I set up a virtual cache while I was there and I'm hoping that will help link DesMoines to Cedar Rapid's. Once those are linked threw 100 hides, all of eastern Iowa will be a point crazy area, I believe. Sadly I'm not getting much traffic on some of mine, but hopefully some will soon come looking for them.

I think "The line begins to blur" kind of fit's me tonight as my eye's are tired of looking at the computer screen.

Well, spring is just around the corner and I hope to get out and play around on some muddy trails.

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