Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bike the Rock

Here was a neat cache. Bike the Rock (GCG50M) It was an eleven stage multi cache. A 12 mile biking trip along Rock Island trail down near Peoria Il. This cache was very well laid out and took you about 4 miles in one direction and 2 miles in the other direction.

All of the "clues" or hides leading up to the final where stamped on to little piece's of wood and hidden along the bike trail. Madkaw called in the boy's for the day and we all joined up taking our bikes out and enjoying some great weather through the day.

We started off parking in some little town that I have no idea what it was called. There was some parking there for the trail and that's where we all met up. Hunt&Peck, Bookhunter, Madkaw, Drtmn and I all unloaded the bikes and got set to ride the rock for a fun afternoon cache hunt. We got off to a great start and not a breeze was in the air. But it wasn't hot out for a July day.

We ran right threw stage 1 threw 3 without a hitch. A couple of us had rode up ahead on the trail, and we thought we lost two cacher's in our dust. After taking a break and waiting on them for what seemed like forever, here we see the other two walking up. Oh, no a flat tire. I don't know if this turn out to be good luck or not, but while we where trying to figure out what to do with the flat, we noticed there was a "ol boy mud run" going on next to the trail.

Luckily for us Hunt&Peck was prepared for a flat tire and after making madkaw sweat for a bit he unveiled the new tube to fix the tire. I had started watching this mudrun while they where getting the tire fixed up. Lot's of monster truck's and 4 wheeler's where zooming around in the field they where holding it in. Kind of neat to see.

After the tire repair was done and we got some picture's of the mudrun the cache started leading us back the way we came. We spotted this little "garage" that double as a bar for the trail. We stopped for some refreshment's but they have this funny law and on Sunday's they couldn't serve before a certain time, and we ended up talking to the owner's for a bit before we headed along.

Then we passed the area we parked in and went on down that trail. We kept going for a while till stage 10 and there we thought we had hit a roadblock. It took all of us searching for over an hour for that stage, but after a lot of grumbling, someone shouted out I got it. So then off to the final we went. That was a nice end to a great day out on "the rock". It was a fun multi cache to do but was archived this fall due to the owner didn't get much traffic on it and it took him about 2 hour's to run maintenance on it.

Looking back it wasn't a hard cache to do, and we had a great day caching by bike. I got to use my new bike mount for my GPS that day too.

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