Thursday, March 12, 2009

How did that get there??

As cacher's at some point in time we have all come across something and wondered just how did that get there. The other day I was doing some caching in the Wapsi River Educational Center just a few mile north of Dixon, Ia. This was a great place to wonder around and get lost in.

Well, I didn't really get lost but I didn't know the trail system out there at all. I parked at the start of a major multi cache and found a trail head and headed into the forest from there. Much to my surprise the trails where very nice and not super wet and muddy. I know I didn't quite take the intended route, but had load's of fun with the way I took. I first stopped at the major multi to get the info to bring home and figure out where the next stage is from there. I didn't have all the tool's required to do the whole thing, and I don't think I could in one shot anyways.

But as I made my way down the trail, I was getting closer, and closer then started getting further away. SO I knew I had to make a break for it into the tick brush somewhere. I stayed on the trail as it wrapped around and I was hoping this would lead me closer to the hide. Nope. I found a good spot to enter the wood's though. As I made my way down to where the cache was hid. I came across something that made me wonder how the heck did that get there. It was an old Coke cooler.

I stopped and looked at this for a bit and wondered how someone got this down here and why. I'm assuming it was junk and someone had just dumped it, but again I was about a quarter mile from the road and that would be one long haul for this cooler.

This was the first time I was in this area and I sure was in for a treat. After I was able to find that cache, I made my way towards some other hides. I got back on the trails and made my way deeper into the park. I figured out the trail I was on wasn't going to take me to the area I wanted to go to and found a spot to jump a creek and another trail. I followed along that trail till I ran into a small pond. To me it didn't look like the trail was going to twist and turn up to where I wanted to go. Right there was a big mistake. I should have stuck to the trail, but really what's the fun in just that.

So I spotted a little deer trail that I had to bend over to follow. I looked at the GPSr and it said I was about 350 feet away. Now that's pretty close except I ran into some really thick bushes. Bobbing and weaving threw the vegetation, I was realizing fast this was a bad idea. I had to climb the hill, all 300 feet of it crouched over just to find out when I hit a clearing it was a trail. After looking I think but not sure that it was the same trail I was on but it had wrapped up and around the park. I finally made it to the hide and was able to find that without too much trouble.

Then it was off to the next one, which was a two stage offset, and I found the first part just after I found a tree with some big thorn's on it. The tree got the best of me, but hey a little blood spilt is ok. I didn't have the right tool's with me to solve the puzzle so I grabbed a copy since the owner was nice enough to make copy's for people to take. I got back on the trail and head off to the next cache. Once again the trail started winding in the wrong direction. But I found a easy trail to follow that got me really close to the hide. Then as I was closing in, I saw where the river had risen and was coming to the cache fast. I was beginning to wonder if the water would pose a threat to getting to the cache. Lucky for me, I had about 8 inches between the water and the bottom of a small bluff. I was able to walk along that, just to find I had to climb back up some at the hide was about in the middle of that bluff.

That was a nice little climb but not a smart move. Once I got up I saw if I had come from the other direction the climb up would have been a safer approach. After finding that, it was time to clear out of there and head back to the car. I found a nice mowed and wide trail that lead back to the center, which I think is where I should have parked in the first place. So then I had to walk along the road for a bit to get back to the car.

All in all it was a fun trip. A bit chilly out. I can say I slept pretty well last night. I did do four other caches on the way home, but I passed up two more in the general area, but that gives me a good reason to head back out again.

Now after thinking back on my little adventure I have to just ponder the though of how that Coke machine got there.

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