Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One of those 3am idea's

I hid a terracaching over the weekend. I guess getting stir crazy, and needed to get out and stretch the leg's a bit. I really didn't feel like going looking for a cache (that's a first). I had an empty ammo can collecting dust and I though, you know I'll bet I can find a spot for that.

So I loaded up the can full of little kiddy toy's, and grabbed some "special tool's" and headed off. I had put in a moving terra last year and have had a lot of fun watching where it's all moved too. I so wish I would have map out all the location's it's been, which I guess I still can do. But that area has sat empty for quite a long time. I didn't want to hide this one in the same spot as I did for "The Wretched", so I figured I would hike around some and see if anything looked like a good spot.

Under the tree cover there was still a good three inches of snow packed down to pretty much ice, which made for some tricky climbing. This area doesn't really have much for normal trails just animal trails. I took a good long time exploring and finally settle on a spot. This one would have been about the normal kind of hide, but I had a little something, something up my sleeve. Not going to give away what I did, but I left giggling the whole way home.

I had named this one "Burn". I was pretty excited about it and wrote it up really quickly and even botched the cord's. That got missed by me, and my sponsor's. The parking cords I gave for it where right, just messed up one number and thankfully another cacher caught it and shot me an e-mail right away so I could change it. I went to bed that night thinking, I liked what I did but just how could I add some "zing" to it.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and got me a glass of milk and was still thinking about it. That's when the wheel's started grinding. At work I was doing some connection's for most of the day, and had been thinking about just what I could use to make the twist possible. I got a list of item's needed to pull this off, and as soon as I got home I archive the terra. Since the "archiving" system is a bit different on TC.com. This allows me to disable the cache and pull it from search list's, but I have the ability to pull it out of archive for two month's I believe.

I have rounded up everything needed to make the changes to the cache. This will be changing it from a traditional over to a two stage off-set. But it will be something a little different, I hope. I've got one more thing I need and then will set out to change it up. I'm pretty excited about these changes I'm making and look forward to some feedback. I think it will be some good feedback, but I will just have to wait and see. I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm also hoping this will get a few more TCer's to the area to hunt what I already have in place. I know I kind of live and have these hide in an out of the normal route area's, but I'm hoping these will help highlight the park. It's a neat park and I've yet to scratch the surface of it. I've hiked many miles on the trails there but there are still so many area's I haven't made it to yet.

So I'm looking forward to this 3 am idea coming to light and can't wait till someone sees it.

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