Friday, March 20, 2009

Music as a Weapon 4

This is where we are headed tomorrow. To see Disturbed yet again. I think this will be the sixth time I've seen them live. I didn't realize this was an all day "freak fest". But gate's open at 2 and an outdoor show start's at 2:30 with the four main headlining band's starting on the indoor stage at 7.

There's going to be tattoo artist's traveling with them as they have done before for the music as a weapon tour's. I've been to 2, and 3 and will be at the 4th tomorrow.

They are planning on a motocross show as well. My only other experience with a festival like this was the Family Value's tour two year's ago with Korn Headlining.

Tomorrow's line up will be:

Head liner's:

Killswitch Engage
Lacuna Coil

Second stage:

Suicide Silence
Bury your Dead
Crooked X
Born of Osiris
After the Burial

Plus this TNT Freestyle Motocross show.

As well as all sort's of vender's will be there as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing Disturbed again. They are from the Chigago area and have really toured a lot in Iowa and have stayed true to their midwest root's. I've also brought some ear plug's so the wife can put those in her ear's. lol

Disturbed always has the most insane mosh pit's I've ever seen or played in. Plus the way Damon get's the crowd involved is always neat to see. I didn't know it till just a little bit ago but this is the kickoff for Music as a Weapon 4.

Here's Disturbed's video for Inside the fire. Not for the kiddy's. It's a bit graphic but the lyric's are clean.

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