Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PJ and the Scooter

Over the weekend it was so nice out. PJ had gotten a scooter for x-mas and hadn't been able to try it out yet. So we got it out, got out the elbow and knee pad's and the helmet. I had called the sister-in-law to ask if she was paying any medical bill's that may occur from using the scooter. That was a big NO!! She said we just supply the fun toy's. So we headed down to a nearby parking lot figuring this would get us plenty of open room for a crash if one was to happen. The weather was so nice out that we got board in the parking lot and headed on down some sidewalk's and off to another parking lot where we found some boy's out riding their bike's and jumping all around. PJ has been asking about trick's already and if mom would teach him any. I said don't you first have to learn to ride it? I didn't do any editing of this video. Just was out enjoying the day and playing around with the Video Camera, and teaching him how to ride a scooter. I did ride the scooter down to the parking lot while he ran along side of me and he out ran the scooter. It was a fun little outing for us. And hearing his idea's about the scooter was pretty funny. Only to be that young again where the possibilities are endless and you heal fast. Yes, by the end of the day he had the balance all figured out and was starting to get a bit too brave on it, so we finally called it a day. Hopefully we can get the bikes out soon and head down some bike trails and look for some caches. He's really wanting to get out and do some "hiking" (Those are his word's not mine). Now I'm wondering about how long it's going to be before he thinks we need to build a ramp... I think next winter I need to look into getting us some snowboards. I think he will carry on my saying, just give me something I can go fast on, who care's what it is or how safe it is. If it goes fast it's fun. I just hope this weather is hear to stay.

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