Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy day of Geo-caching Event's

Well for it being Earth-day weekend, the weather couldn't have been nicer. It was so nice I even got a sunburn on the head. Ouch!! Today or I guess yesterday now where a couple of event's I had been waiting for. The first one was a flash mob event. Which are only 15 min's long. Now I remember why I don't care for them too much. When it comes to caching I'm never on-time. I rolled in about 5 min's late, but it was just enough time to participate. I spotted BB and asked where's a log sheet, and BBjr hooked me up and got me signed in. They did a great job with this flashmob event and I was even shocked to see Bumanfam was here all the way from across the state. I didn't get a chance to say hi though. :(

I don't know about anyone else, but I sure do lose track of time, when out and about, which is why I think I'm late to them.

After that I refueled at the gas station with some caffeine and got ready for the CITO event. This was the third year that AB-N-AP put this event on. They do a pretty bang up job with it. This year the area was a lot smaller, and wasn't in too bad of shape. But I think by the time we left the trail looked really good. There was a good sized pile of garbage bag's that was left behind for the city to pick up. But this year it seemed to go pretty quickly. I did try and get down by the creek to pick that area up, and landed in a nice area of neddle's. I though it was a bit early for them, but I'm feeling the sting.

After ward's I got together with TrapperDan and we walked the trail back to find the cache that AB-N-AP put out for the event. We had a good walk along the trail, and when we got to the cache there was quite a few people there. We tried to mess with Durango Dale and told him he must have put in the wrong cord's cause he was a couple hundred feet away yet, but he didn't buy it. lol Then join by xshooter we made the walk back to the car's, and talked about caching.

It was a great day to be outside other than the sunburn. I didn't even think about it, till tonight when I was sitting here and felt my head. Ouch. I won't be cutting my hair for a few day's. I'll have to see if I can get my hand's on the group photo's and upload them as well.

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