Thursday, May 7, 2009

I kind of thought this was funny

Have you ever came across that sign saying you shouldn't been there? I know I've seen quite a few. Some by accident. I took this picture cause I thought this was the "cheapest" No trespassing sign I had ever seen. I found it kind of funny. Yes there was a cache within 20 feet of it, and the parking part was the kicker. But I just thought I share this picture, I took it about a year ago, and just came across it while trying to organize my picture's a little better. And it still crack's me up. Also if you would happen to find this same sign, don't park by it. There's enough nail's and screw's and broken glass around to take out a tire.

I know of another sign that cracked me up but I can't find the picture of it. It said taking picture's from that side of the sign is free, cost of trespassing and they had listed the cost of the fine. And then to top it off, it said "us watching you get a ticket for trespassing is priceless. It made more sense if you read it in person. I just thought these where kind of a nice break from seeing the normal old No trespassing sign's by seeing a funny one.

I do wonder if that one made out of the two pallet's is still standing or is even there anymore.

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