Thursday, May 7, 2009

My collection is almost complete.

Recently I gained another object to my collection. I had seen that Maynard James Keenen had opened a vineyard and cellar in Arizona. I'm not a wine drinker at all, but I watched a waited to see what would become of this venture of his. After all, growing grapes in Arizona?!? Who would have ever thunk it? Well he had a little something special stuffed up his sleeve and about three week's ago, I got my first notification of it.

All the email said was "Judith is ready". Which in turn led me here.

Soak up that site a bit.

Anyway's, what I've got now is a fully autographed picture of TOOL, that my parent's got me from Scotland. Also inside the picture is a TOOL guitar pik. Also in there is a ticket stub that I took my wife (well she wasn't at the time) too. As well as a bottle of Nagual del Judith and a bottle of Dos Ladrones. Hey for the price I had to pay I had to get the wife something, so the Cabernet is for her. Plus I want to see the cork from the bottle but have no intention's of ever opening the bottle of Nagual del Judith.

I still need to get my ticket from a Cedar Rapid's show (my first TOOL show), another Cedar Rapid's show, and the show in Council Bluff's that my wife took me too for my birthday a few year's ago. Which we meet the opening band after the show "somewhere". It was just dumb luck we ended up at the same place, but I got to meet/party and get a picture of me with Kinski. (a small band out of Seattle)

The ticket stub in the picture though is from a crazy night we had in Moline. I think that was the place my wife saw what she would call "freak's" for the first time. I was right at home, and she was kind of nervous. (I think she remembers the night for something else kind of major though) I couldn't get floor ticket's but if you've been to the mark (oh what it's called something else now) and been to a rock concert, you know when the light's go down, hop that little ledge and head to the crowd. Security will give up trying to keep you in the balcony once your a couple of people in. I think though this was the first time she realized what I was talking about on the kind of performance they put on. It's pretty much unmatched by any performer out there. All I will say it was a very crazy night and I'm so happy the bar was right at the hotel. We both are much "older" now, so I guess "those where the day's".

Who would of every thought this thrown together band would have ever created what they are today. You've got lot's of talent in all sort's of area's. Like if you've seen the movie, Jurassic Park, you've seen some of the creation's of one of the guitarist's, Adam. Danny is one of the best drummer's in the world to date, Justin is one of the best bassist I've ever heard and Maynard, there's no comparison there at all. Heck, I even named my kid after him.

I think about the only thing I really need for this collection other than really wanting to meet the member's is a backstage pass. Maybe, someday... there is a tour going on this summer... HINT, HINT !!!

But really with the release of this website and reading it, it answer's alot of unanswered question's in a round about way and put's some thing's into a new perspective.

Now if I could get my cousin to finish getting a picture over to paper that Alex Gray made for the band, I can get that other tattoo I want. (mom quit rolling your eye's ;) It's going on the back of my leg. ) Or maybe I'm the one holding that up...... I think it's about time to make a road trip.

Just wanted to show my "prized" little collection that really doesn't mean a whole lot to anyone but me, I guess.

Peace out,


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