Saturday, May 23, 2009

A hunt in Wisconsin

Last year I went after a Terracache and a Geocaching that where both relatively close by each other. I hate to admit it but I wasn't able to find ether cache. But I did find some really cool bluff's in a really neat area that isn't far in to the wood's, but you wouldn't notice it just by driving by.

The caches were NOW THAT'S ITALIAN (TC2XM) and Room with a View (of Mississippi) (GC9151). I don't get to Wisconsin very often but the place these took me too was really cool. I don't know how to explain the rock's and the formations but it was really neat to check out and climb around on.

I wasn't too upset about not finding the terracache cause by reading the cache page, I wasn't the only one that have had problem's find it due to the cord's may be off. Also the area, my GPSr was bouncing all over the place. All I knew is there was a heck of a hill to climb. It had rained earlier in the day, which made for some slick climbing. I'm glad nobody was following me, or they would of had a rock in the forehead.

The geocaching I think I was in the right spot due to the hint's on the cache page, and someone had found it a few day's before me. But after thinking about it after I left I don't think I looked hard enough in a certain spot. It was found a few day's after I was there too. But the area right there was very cool, and I wouldn't suggest it for a small child. Climbing the rock's probably wasn't the best way but I found it alot of fun.

I'm still hoping to make it back. Since then I've drove right past the place but didn't have time to stop and try again. I'm putting up some photo's of the area to give people an idea of what it look's like. Again this was a neat place to check out.

It's kind of scary when you find some bones in the general area you are looking for a cache. At first glance I thought I found someone's leg bone and thought maybe it was a cacher that didn't make it out alive.

Again, I'm really hoping to make it back soon, there's a few other caches in the area I would like to look for as well. Just it's right next to the Mississippi and I'm sure the snakes are out and I really don't want to run into one. Parabola doesn't like snakes!!!! But I really want to get some more photo's of the rock's and the bluff's there. I know I had more but can't find them in my very messy photo files. One of these day's I'll have to take some time to clean and organize all my pic files. That's going to be a chore though.

But if your in the area and like this kind of terrain make sure you check it out, even if you don't find the caches, you'll enjoy the area.

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