Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A new pooch on the way

I'm really getting excited. We currently have my fat pig, ok he's a pug, but he snore's louder than I do. But to give some hindsight to this. About 6 or so year's ago we had got our first dog. Bear. He was a good pup, but not thinking it all threw, at the time we had PJ on the way. Everything was fine till PJ came along. The dog was protective of PJ, but also didn't know what to think about him.

The wife being a protective mother, would yell at Bear to stay away from PJ. He wasn't doing anything wrong. He just got to close for her. Well, he was still a pup and I look back now and realize he just wasn't getting the attention he did before PJ came along. SO he was acting out. It got to the point I took him down to the farm (the wife's folks) where he could run wild. At the time we still didn't have the yard fenced in, which is all done now, so we just couldn't let him out to run. Plus him and grandpa were pretty good buddies. I think it was cause he feed him cheeto's.

Well, being on a farm can be dangerous, and there was an accident. They where working on some farm equipment and had it propped up. The prop's collapsed and grandpa did the only thing he could to keep it from land on him. He pushed the equipment away from him. Well, Bear was snooping around and it hit him in the side, and in a few minutes he was gone.

At the time this was the only Shiba Inu we had ever seen, as it's still a newer breed to the U.S. They have become very popular, and are hard to find. Well for my b-day, we made a family decision on looking into getting another one. After some time on the web, I located a few breeder's in Iowa. But some of them looking a bit shady or there website's where way out of date.

I did finally find one and we called to see when they might have another litter. Well, they had two litter's on the way. And today was the day they gave us they though the litter would be born.

Nothing so far, but we are waiting to see the pic's they are going to send us of the new pup's. I'm hoping since this is a pretty active breed of dog, he/she is going to go caching with me. Our pug, just can't handle the heat in the summer. Pug's get dehydrated very easily. So I've been very leary of taking him out for a cache hunt.

I know we have some old picture's of Bear and will put them up as soon as I can find them. And I'll put up the pic's of the new pup's as soon as they are born and we get photo's. It will be 8 week's before we can bring him/her home. But we are all excited about it.

I've got a travel bug here all ready for his/her coller. :)

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