Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check out my little cousin's on-line store

I'm excited to share with you my cousin Calee's work. She is a full-time graphic designer in the Marketing & Communications department at Drake University, but is a freelance designer/artist on the side. She's recently rolled out her new brand identity opened an etsy store with her crafts and designs. Her offerings include (but aren't limited to): hand painted ceramics, reconstructed t-shirts, vintage clothing, business card design, letterhead design, web site design/development, postcards and invitations — as well as many custom requests.

Take a minute to check out her store — she's got some really cool stuff! Or stop by her blog to see some of the fun and exciting things she's been up to: |

She's can make some really cool and unique thing's. Check her site's out. I will gladly vouch for her and her business practices. (Which if you know me I don't just vouch for anybody) She's got this really cool t-shirt blanket in her blog, that is really something to see. But she does have quite a variety of thing's she makes to suit all taste's.

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