Friday, June 5, 2009

The Maze (part two)

Well I don't really remember where I left off, but the maze wasn't quite what I expected. Since it's indoors and you can't get reception on your GPSr they set it up as puzzle caches inside this maze. There was locked room's and to get into those room's you had to figure out a puzzle to get the code to unlock the door to enter. Which inside those room's or "caches" Was some really cool information on how a GPSr work's, gear for out caching, trackable's, and some GPSr's on display. Also in those room you got a stamp on your card.

When you got all 4 stamp's on your card, well 5 stamp's, you get a signal stamp when you go in the maze. But the stamp's are number's. Using the compass on the card and the direction it's pointing that gave you a direction to look at from a list, then you had to take the number's and put them in and you could find your "Key City" using the cord's. The direction was there to give you your North, South, East, and West.

There was a puzzle about the Washington space needle. Another puzzle was you had to figure out bus route/s to get a lady every where on time but a piece of it was missing you needed, which was hid away in a micro cache in the room. Another puzzle was you had to find a ammo can and read the log book. You had to find a certain cacher's notes in it. She had left four threw the logbook but everyone had a number. Then the last puzzle you had to find some letter's from under a bench and match the letter's to a map, that had word's and it made a sentence that told you what item had the code for the door.

It was really cool, the whole family had a great time with it. I would like to see it again before it leaves, so I can take more time reading everything in there. PJ was on the go to find stuff and unlock door's, so I didn't get to read everything. We even hit a IMAX movie while we where there. Monster's vs. Alien's in 3D. That was pretty cool too.

If your close to it, check it out, it's worth the 6 dollar fee to get into it, plus you get access to the rest of the Putnam and there's a lot of neat stuff. I tried to pick up a date while I was there but she just gave me the cold shoulder. (See photo below)

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