Saturday, June 6, 2009

I like the Metal, don't you??

I'm just catching up on all the footage that's rolling in from the NIN/JA tour. This is so sad they are ending their career's after the "last wave". I really really wish I could get to a show. they are playing song's they have never played live before. And since some of the song's are under licensing crap with a record company, they aren't allowing Trent to professional record a show. So he made sure there was very very relaxed camera/video recorder/audio recorder policy. There's a lot of junk being posted on video hosting site's and it's really getting hard to find someone that is rendering video and mastering their audio very well.

But I can't believe they are playing this one live. And I'll never get to see it. I've found one site that some people are coming together and sharing their footage and some tweaker's are doing the editing, and are posting some good stuff but it's not done yet. I may add a link to their site in an edit if I hear back from the webmaster. I need to get some torrent's going now. :) But here's a clip "Metal" from an album I can't think of off the top of my head. They hadn't played this live at all. But the video isn't very good and is of low quality and the audio is horrible. I think this is just off a standard video camera and thrown together fast. But I love this song. Also I notice Trent is pulling double duty since Alessandro Cortini has already parted way's with NIN. I was just shocked to find this song being played live.

I wonder if my little cousin is up for a road trip???? :) And I really want to get my hand's on that touch screen button knobby thing they use. It's awesome!!!

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