Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Song for Chi

I'm kind of excited to see what come's out of this. This is for a great cause and when it does come out, I'll post about it. I've see the deftones live, and they are different but really cool.

But it will be interesting to see Head and Fieldy working together again. Since Head has left KoRn, which looking at from an outside perspective was a good thing for him. But he's had very limited communication with the rest of the band member's. It allowed him to get "clean" and recently Fieldy has went threw a major change of life. Both of there book's are very interesting. But here's the little snippit for it. Plus Jim will be playing on it and he's from Iowa. He just doesn't look the same without the mask.


chimes said...

You can definitely tell Jim's in on that one from the music in the background! That will be really cool! Fieldy's my fav. :D

Parabola said...

I forgot. Check out Got Money? JD is singing and Jim Root is on guitar. It's kind of weird, but it's kind of catchy.